As from January 18th, 2017 we have been appointed as salesagent for messrs. Loksys G|A|S| GmbH, a german company specializing in the sales and rentals of high-quality containerlocks which are equipped with GPS. The advantage of this system is, that the user can mount the locks themselves to the container and keep track of the container.

The lock is mounted over the doorhandle and if the system detects a change in movement, or the lock being opened, an email-, text- or voicemail is being send to the user. 


 Trakalok 1    Trakalok 2    Trakalok 3    Trakalok 4
Trakalok is a container security and monitoring system with real-time alerts in case of alarm    All movements, locations and door openings of the secured container are recorded and safely archived for later evaluation.    Hardware and software are both easy to use, no special instructions or training are necessary.    The Trakalok TLi housing is designed to interlock and secure the left and the right container door.
An alarm is triggered in a number of situations: A door opening, deviation from assigned routes or driving into user-defined danger zones.   Trakalok is mounted on the outside of the container and is therefore suitable for the monitoring of single sectors of a journey.   Trakalok is independent and operated separately from forwarding companies and, besides securing the freight, purchased transportation services and routes can be evaluated.   The housing covers mounting points of the door locking gear and protects these against tempering.
The system can be programmed to suit your requirements. The notification takes place in real time, individually selectable, via email, SMS or voice alert.   The Trakalok housing covers several mounting points of the container door lock and protects these against tempering.   Purchase and operation costs are economic: the system can be purchased or leased as preferred.  

Already mounted seals are not damaged.

Trakalok is manufactured in Europe!